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MedPure® Linen and Apparel is a textile rental service with the sole purpose of providing healthcare professionals with a complete line of reusable garments, precautionary apparel, and medical linens. MedPure® was created as a new trade name for the healthcare sector of Superior Linen and Apparel Services, a local independent market leader that has been providing businesses in the tri-state with Superior quality and service since 1927, and MedPure® guarantees that healthcare providers receive that same quality and service.

MedPure® is the Smart Choice for all of your medical linen and apparel needs. We have developed Smart Linen SolutionsSM and Smart Uniform SolutionsSM, two technologically advanced systems that allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective, energy efficient textile rental service possible. In addition to these Smart Rental Systems, MedPure® provides you with the Smart Products, Time, Image, Service, and Communication that allow us to guarantee that you will receive only the highest quality of products and service available in the industry.

At MedPure®, we have a wide selection of products for you to choose from, and we guarantee they will assist you in maintaining a professional image, as well as providing a warm, inviting office atmosphere. In addition, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to clean and finish your linen and garments. Our computerized washers inject the optimum cleaning formula into every load, guarantee that they are sanitized in a manner that meets and exceeds every regulation and recommendation of the OSHA, CDC, and AHA. Once they have been cleaned, your garments receive the finest European finish available thanks to our Jensen Steam Tunnel. Not only that, but we can guarantee that our professionally trained route managers will provide a rapid response to your needs with on-time and special deliveries whenever they are required, as well as full disclosure of your invoicing and inventory flexibility. It’s all a part of the Smart Service you receive when you choose MedPure®!

We are proud to announce that Superior Linen and MedPure has achieved the TRSA's Hygenically Clean Healthcare certification. Please click here to learn more about this certification and what it means for you!

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Ever need a special delivery, want to change your order, have a question about an invoice or anything else? Just call our customer service hotline – 1-800-544-7527.

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And Linen Rental Evaluation

Interested in our rental services? Fill out our quick and easy rental evaluation. Just answer a few questions about your rental needs and you will receive a free rental evaluation from one of our salesmen.

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At Superior, we make it a priority to use as many green products as possible. We make sure we do everything we can to take care of the environment. Please join us in supporting the green movement and the environment.

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