Superior Restroom Products

Restroom Products

The condition of a restroom can have a profound effect on a customer. That is why we offer restroom products that keep your restrooms clean and looking nice.
We Provide Dispensers FREE Of Charge!
Superior Paper ProductsSuperior Paper Products

Paper Products

We offer toilet tissue and center feed hand towels that decrease wastefulness through controlled dispensing, both with dispensers free of charge.
Superior Soap Dispenser ProductsSuperior Dispenser Products

Soap Products

We offer a variety of soaps including Pink Pearl and Frosty Lemon along with attractive dispensers that you can personalize with a logo!
Superior Other Restroom ProductsSuperior Other Restroom Products

Other Restroom Products

We also offer continuous cloth roll towels and air fresheners that come in a wide range of scents including Cherry and Mountain Fresh.



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