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Dear Prospective MedPure Client,

DigestiveCare has had a working relationship with MedPure for 10 years. During this period we have been satisfied with the performance of their staff, delivery service, and the contracted rates for linen.

MedPure has worked closely with us over the years in obtaining the products which best suit our patient population and changing care needs. For example, when we changed our style of patient gown to better meet our needs, they were able to make recommendations and made the change a seamless transition. They have also been able to accommodate our need for a set delivery schedule and variable inventory demand.

Our delivery person has provided exceptional service and shows a commitment to quality and customer service. We would recommend you spend time going over the needs of your organization with the delivery staff assigned to your account because they are key to customer satisfaction.

Susan Lewis


"We have been doing business with MedPure for many years. They have always managed to work out solutions for any problems we may have with our inventory as well as offer solutions and suggestions that could save us money. I have no interest in talking to other linen companies at this point because a few years ago I left MedPure and tried another linen service... it was not a good experience.

Our driver also makes a big difference. He is the person we have the most contact with and I really feel he has my back. The quality of linen is great and we rarely have items we “send back”.  With other linen companies we have found ourselves sending back half the linen they brought to us because of poor quality.

I think MedPure is a great choice for medical quality linens."

Karen Sykes

Lexington Diagnostic

To whom it may concern:

We have been using MedPure Linen for our linen needs for the past several months, and are very happy with their service. We had service problems with every vendor we used until we started using MedPure. We can count on them to deliver and pick up when they say they will, and their linen products are always in great shape. Our customer satisfaction scores concerning our linen have risen each month that we have used MedPure. We are very happy with the line of communication we have with our sales rep. I would recommend their service to anybody.

Shawn Bailey,

UC Health Surgical Sleep Medicine Center

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to MedPure and their staff for all the efforts that are put forth to make sure our linens at Lexington Clinic are delivered in a clean and prompt manner. When situations do arise that require immediate attention, MedPure’s sales and route service representatives are always there on the front line to lend a helping hand and to make sure our needs are met. I get many compliments from our staff on MedPure’s efficient service.

I also want to thank you for the new Performax sheets, pillow cases and new gowns that were recently added to our inventory. Keep up the good work!”

Bob Slone

Lexington Clinic

We are proud to announce that Superior Linen and MedPure has achieved the TRSA's Hygenically Clean Healthcare certification. Please click here to learn more about this certification and what it means for you!

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