TRSA Certified Hygienically

Clean Healthcare

A Certified Commitment To Our Customers
Superior Linen and MedPure’s commitment to our customers is not just to provide superior quality products, but also to ensure the highest degree of cleanliness with regards to the processing of healthcare linen. The manner in which we handle healthcare linen has now been recognized through our achievement of the TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification. Superior Linen chose this certification over similar available certifications for one main reason: it certifies our product – not just our process.

About The TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification
While other certifications only require laundries to verify their processes, Hygienically Clean Healthcare goes a step further. In order to obtain certification, you must pass three rounds of microbiological testing of products by a third-party laboratory - and you must additionally pass semi-annual tests in order to retain it.

Because of this emphasis on verifying that we are producing a clean product, in addition to verifying our processes and management practices, we believe that TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Healthcare is the best, most complete certification available.

Available Documentation
Learn more - download the complete standard for producing Hygienically Clean
Reusable Textiles For Use In The Healthcare Industry

Are you a current customer? Download a copy of our TRSA Certification for your OSHA

We are proud to announce that Superior Linen and MedPure has achieved the TRSA's Hygenically Clean Healthcare certification. Please click here to learn more about this certification and what it means for you!

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